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The human being is an unlimited source of potential, only waiting to be stimulated

STEPS, Your partner for consulting and training, our speciality: gamification of learning solutions.

Our unique hybrid approach combines training and business games to meet your company's objectives, while fostering collective intelligence and team commitment, supported by digital learning follow-up. 

STEPS offers a complete range of solutions for skills transformation and development:

  • Fun, personalised training: Interactive, tailored training courses that encourage engagement and learning.
  • Immersive Business Games: Practical simulations to strengthen collaboration, decision-making and leadership.
  • Hybrid courses with Digital Learning: Flexible courses combining face-to-face sessions and online modules, ensuring continuous follow-up.
  • Comprehensive support: From design to implementation, our multidisciplinary team ensures the success of every project.

Our solutions guarantee a successful organisational transformation while effectively developing team skills.

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What you don't say speaks for you.

The voice speaks for you: train your voice and diction. Test your audio equipment to avoid distortion. In virtual meetings, be lively and captivating. Relax your body for a relaxed voice. Breathing is essential for a strong, confident voice. Do breathing exercises with the diaphragm. Practice breathing for greater clarity and emotional control. Relax your neck and shoulders for better posture. Follow simple steps to relax your body.

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Leadership and Management

Management, leadership and team management are essential pillars in the dynamics of a company. They relate to decision-making, motivating teams towards common goals, and creating a harmonious working environment. If you are intrigued by these topics and want to understand how these skills can positively transform an organisation, this next article is for you.

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Satisfaction and learning


Our commitments and certifications

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Our commitments and certifications

  • Experts in training and consultancy, specialising in the gamification of HR solutions. 

    Our commitment? To revolutionize corporate learning by giving our learners a stake in their professional development. With our playful approach to gamification, we tackle all the subjects of corporate education to develop essential skills.

    Join us for a dynamic and effective learning experience!

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Meet our three STEPS ambassadors

Team #1

Eduardo Stepanski

Laury Hemery

Laury Hemery

Associate Professor in Comparative Social Policy. Research & Engagement Director
Sylvie Lebel

Sylvie Lebel

Head of pedagogical engineering